Sweaters are the leading pieces for the fall wardrobe. They are homely, warm and up to date. Nothing is more refreshing than a warm sweater and now that the days are getting cooler, I am happy to be breaking out in one of my favorite pieces. If you are like me, your closet is full of primary colors. Blacks, whites and navy blues which is very convenient because you can always make the color palettes work. In the hopes of slowly growing out of that convenience and adding a little more color to my closet, I purchased this multicolored sweater. Multi colored pieces are popular on both males and females these days and even though they are a little challenging to style, it is very easy to create multiple looks with them without going over the top because the bold colors and patterns on the sweater are already that much of a statement. 

Styling this particular sweater, I wanted to the rest of my pieces to revolve around the sweater in a simple, matchy way. These days with people wanting to go outside their comfort zones, matching is something that is rarely done because it is believed to be tacky and traditional. I wanted to challenge that by incorporating all the colors on the sweater into the rest of my outfit versus only going with one color. For example, pairing the sweater with black bottoms, black shoes, a pair of black glasses and a black wrist watch. Remember, playing with prints and patterns is supposed to be fun. Done correctly, it looks poised and it emphasizes the control of your style.

I am wearing: 

A.J Morgan Lunar Sunglasses

Topman Sweater

G-Shock Wrist Watch

Hollister Jeans

Call it Spring Shoes

Photography by Justin French

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