It's official. Fall has officially arrived here in New York and I am transitioning with a denim jacket to keep my body and soul alive during the chilly days. I remember when the denim jacket made its mainstream style staple around 2011 and at the time, I was so against it because it seemed like the whole world was swallowed up in the trend. I tried my hardest to ignore the movement but secretly, I wanted one really badly. I managed to hold off on getting the jacket until early last month. I had to have one. After all, it was one of the style staples that I had never tried.

The denim jacket is a classic all american piece. It is very versatile and is most convenient during the fall and winter seasons. When it comes to buying a denim jacket, it is very important to obtain one that is well fitted. One of the few ways to confirm that is by making sure the jacket cuts off around the waist and is adaptable to sweaters, blazers and anything else that you prefer as it pertains to the art of layering hence the jacket's versatility. Because of this, I usually recommend going one size upper than your regular size. In terms of selecting what shade of denim you want to purchase, I say it's a matter of personal preference. In the past, the faded denim look was in high rotation but these days, most men are favoring the darker look like the ones pictured above for a more neutral balance. You can find affordable and quality jackets in stores like Gap, Levi's, H&M, True Religion, Macy's and more.

I am wearing: 

A.J Morgan Lunar Sunglasses

H&M Polo ShirtH&M Denim JacketH&M Slim Fit Chinos

Mark McNairy Slippers

Movado Wrist Watch

Photography by Justin French

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