Photography by, Kedrick Walker

As most of you know, New York Fashion Week came to a close last Thursday. Except the exciting runway shows and fashion week parties, one of the things I look forward to during fashion week is the "street style". I enjoy analyzing what everyday people around me are wearing; not just what is being presented on the runway. I look out for color palettes, separate pieces, accessories and more. Especially for men and to my surprise, most people stuck to black and white. A few blog posts ago, I mentioned that one of my new year resolutions include experimenting with color and staying away from black and white. I would like to think I was doing well with the resolution until fashion week commenced. Seeing so many people being so creative and original with the colors made me miss wearing them hence the relevance of this blog post. 

Since we are still in the winter, my focus piece is going to be the black coat. As a coat lover, I can say that every man needs a black, white, navy blue or grey coat in their closet. These neutral colors are very elementary and undemanding which promotes room for versatility in your wardrobe. Like the camel coat, a neutral colored coat contributes to taking a casual outfit to the next level.

Although I am wearing a single breasted coat in this post, I generally prefer double breasted coats for my body type. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one that fits me perfectly. I find that when most men shop for coats, they opt for pieces with the objective of standing out. Generally, when shopping for a coat, I only look out for the elements that make the coat a statement piece just incase what I am wearing on the inside of the coat is not detailed enough. The main things I look out for when shopping for a coat are quality, fit and price. I also consider other elements like the lapel sizes, buttons, pockets and more. Pockets are very important to me especially during the winter. If you have ever experienced the New York winter, you would understand.

What do you think about wearing coats that feature neutral colors? How do you think they should be styled? If you have one already, how do you style it? How do you think I did with the way I styled the coat? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

Coat & Tie / JF J. Ferrar . Oxford Shirt / Stafford . Suit Trousers / H&M . Blazer / ASOS . Monkstraps / Call it Spring . Watch / Movado