The Performance Suit for Fall

Photography by, Nailah Ali

For the past few seasons, the "athleisure" phenomenon has swept the menswear industry. Menswear designers have found a medium as it pertains to combining performance, and structured pieces, to offer a more comfortable and relaxed clothed experience. 

Being a fan of traditional prep and dapper menswear, I will admit I was not too fond of the concept. I had always thought that relaxed aesthetics and dapper menswear were in two different leagues so, it did not make sense for the two to be mixed in terms of silhouettes and material. That was until, I came across this Wool performance suit by TOMORROWLAND, Japan which is perfect for the fall season. Why? - Comfort. I'll never underestimate the power of comfort and relaxation. 

Fall has officially commenced. With that, comes a new appreciation for color, texture, and fresh perspectives on certain looks - especially at this time where menswear is becoming increasingly unorthodox. 

What new aesthetics are you trying this fall? I want to know. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

Haskell Crystal Sunglasses/ Warby Parker . Wool Suit / Tomorrowland Japan . Sneakers / Adidas Superstars . Watch / Movado

Thank you for reading!