Chunky | Mustard Yellow Is Better

Photography by, Jalen Miller

Mustard Yellow? For Spring? Groundbreaking. 

The weekend is here and finally, it feels like spring in New York City. The trees are blossoming, the people are nicer, and color is in full effect. Speaking of color, as you can see, I am wearing one of the boldest in this post. 

I have been infatuated with the color, "Yellow" as of late. It's funny because growing up, I was never fond of the it. Remember when the power ranger action figures were a thing? Yes, I owned all five of them and every time I picked out one to play with for the day, the yellow ranger would always be my last choice. That is how serious it was. Haha! What was I thinking? 

Yellow is one of the warmest colors that exists. It exudes energy and activity, which is what transitioning into spring is all about and with this outfit, I wanted to embody that essence. The chunky roll neck jumper I am wearing is as thick as it looks in the photos, and for those of you questioning this choice as you consider the warmer days, I have an explanation for you. Here in New York, we are still in the early stages of spring. This makes the roll neck is a safe choice for transitioning from the warm day to the sometimes windy and chilly night. Although the roll neck looks thick, the light fabric used to design it accommodates coolness. This can be put into effect by not wearing anything under it; maybe except a white singlet.

When it comes to styling such a bold detailed piece similar to the style I am wearing, having an appropriate color scheme is the answer because roll necks can be paired with anything as long as the other pieces are minimal enough to not distract. As a new comer to the use of color, my strategy was sticking to 2-3 primary colors. I urge everybody to play with bolder colors this spring.

What do you think about the Roll neck Jumper and my choice of color? How do you think they should be styled? If you have one already, how do you style it? What do you think about the way I styled the outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading! 

Downing Sunglasses / Warby Parker . Turtle neck / Stile Benetton . Watch / Breda 1654a . Chinos / H&M . TCMFB Albert Slipper / Mark Mcnairy