Form Fitting | Blazers, Roll Necks & Jeans.

Photography by, Victor Jolley

When most gentlemen think of blazers, they usually associate the item with formal wear; as they should. However, there are also gentlemen who feel that blazers should only be worn when associated with traditional formal wear. Obviously, I disagree with this as I am showing off a casual look while sporting a single breasted blazer.

This technique was nothing new for me. In the past, I have paired blazers and jeans with T-Shirts for the spring and summer seasons. In fact, originally, I was planning on wearing a gray T shirt instead of the gray roll neck with this ensemble. The reason for my substitution was my recent obsession with roll necks. I thought it would be refreshing to try something new. Also, it is very convenient for the chilly spring evenings. 

With elements of earth tones from my knees, up, I felt the ensemble screamed "Fall Essentials". So, in favor of spring, I decided to a touch of color and prints hence the reason for the very detailed socks I am wearing. 

What do you think about the mixture of Jeans and a blazer? What do you think about the way I styled the outfit. Let me know in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading! 

Turtleneck / Covington . Blazer & Socks / H&M . Watch / Breda 1653c . Golf Belt / Nike . Jeans / Hollister . Loafers / Aldo