Uptown | Flaunt It

Photography by, Victor Jolley

If I was asked to describe my personal style with one of my photos, I would choose one of the photos from above. This attire came so effortlessly to me and I love it so much because I feel it highlights my stance on sharpness and simplicity when it comes to personal style.

For this ensemble, I started out with the basic white T Shirt. For those who do not know, I enjoy curating outfits around well fitted T shirts. They are the easiest pieces for me to style and they are very versatile. I am a huge fan of men's fashion in the 50's so, as soon as I put on my white T-Shirt, I immediately thought about James Dean, and John Travolta's character wardrobe in Grease. I admired how their trousers fit a little higher above the waist and how they hung a little high above the ankles. This particular look emphasizes height and waist size especially for slimmer males like me. Even Michael Jackson did it too, back in his "Beat It" days. Something about the style is so funky and chic so, I decided to go with my best tailored trousers to acquire the look with an addition of suspenders to emphasize the illusion of the high waisted trousers.

Customarily, the look alone without the blazer would have been perfect for me but due to the uncertainty and harsh antics of New York's weather, I opted for the Navy Blue Blazer. I realized I was working with pretty dominant elementary colors so I decided to blend that in with the footwear. 

What do you think about this outfit? Do you or do you not like the way I styled it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading! 

Blazer / Brooks Brothers . T-Shirt & Suit trousers / H&M . TCMFB Albert Slipper / Mark McNairy