Call it Spring | The Standifer

Photography by, Seun Igwe

I am so excited to share a new project that I worked on not too long ago with shoe brand, Call it Spring. It has been about four years since my high school prom and if there is one thing I regret about the function, it is the fact that I did not select a more versatile shoe to wear. This month, I partnered with Call it Spring for their Prom Shop campaign to help stop males from making the same mistake. This campaign enables me to do this by demonstrating how prom shoes can be worn to prom, and beyond. 

I can't tell you how many compliments I have received because of the particular shoes I am wearing in this post. During the shoe selection process, I knew I wanted a shoe that would challenge my styling process. I figured the solution was selecting something that was not customary to the idea of prom, and this idea landed me the Call it Spring Standifer Shoes which are killer and very affordable.

As soon as I procured the shoes, I began to contemplate possible stylish looks. For my casual look, I knew I wanted to feature an ensemble that several males could relate too. A pair of jeans, a light sweater and a hat seemed appealing to me but what I was going to do to give the look a slightly more than casual appeal was in question. That was when I noticed the shoes' dominance of white, blue and grey which prompted me to go for a relaxed monochromatic look.

You can view more of my commentary on the project on the Call it Spring blog.

How would you style the Standifer shoes? What do you think about my styling choices? If you are attending prom this year, how are you planning on making sure that your footwear is versatile? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

Shoes / Call it Spring . Sweater / Lacoste . Jeans / Hollister . Watch / Breda 1653c . Cap / H&M