Print & Pattern Affair

Photography by, Oscar Diaz

When I procured these paisley shorts last summer, I remember being stirred by its detail and animation. I was a bit skeptical about the way I wanted to style them and somehow, that resulted to me putting them away for the rest of the summer. Pulling them out again this season, I figured it out. The key to successfully styling shorts like these come down to matching its animation on every level so, I took a risk. 

Those who keep up with my personal style posts are fully aware of my take on mixing prints and patterns. Although, I agree some people are able to pull it off, It is not something I am usually very comfortable with. This ensemble was an experiment and a success story for me. I challenged myself to go out of my comfort zone a bit with my style and I did. Sometimes, it works and other times, it does not. 

I am aware a lot of males are not too fond of prints and patterns. I can definitely relate. However, for those of you who would like to attempt styling shorts similar to the ones I am wearing this post but are a little skeptical, I suggest keeping it simple (I know right? Sounds rich from the guy who is featuring two bold details in his outfit). But really, this works for beginners. When in doubt, make the detail piece the focus and make sure everything else, is muted. Suggestions for top half looks include, plain T shirts with a sweater wrapped around your shoulders, a polo with a color that compliments the shorts, a two toned long sleeve or even a sweater. For your shoes, any kind is acceptable. Just make sure it does not overwhelm your detail piece. 

What do you think about mixing prints and patterns? How do you think I did with the styling of the shorts? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

Half Zip Mock Neck Sweater / John Ashford . Shorts / H&M . Standifer Shoes / Call it Spring