The Tuxedo Jacket Can be Casual Too

Photography by, Oscar Diaz

When we think of Tuxedo jackets, there is always a sophisticated, structured, and classic connotation to it. Part of the reason for those characteristics is because when we do see tuxedo jackets, they are being worn to galas, weddings, award shows and other formal gatherings. Indeed, the tuxedo jacket is very ritzy but for its price tag, most menswear enthusiasts will agree with me when I say, the jacket should be worn to more places in versatile ways versus wearing it only on special occasions.

Take the ensemble I am featuring in this post for example. Without the jacket, I am wearing a plain black T shirt and black trousers; very casual. I am able to lounge around in it, walk my dog, run to the grocery store and more. The amazing part is, if I decided on attending a last minute casual dinner or event, I could easily throw on the tuxedo jacket. The tuxedo jacket is one of those essential pieces that is capable of upgrading a very simple outfit. We have seen it work on stylish men like Kanye West and, Bruno Mars. 

For those of you who might think the trousers and monk straps might still be a little dressy for you, I can promise you that substituting them for a pair of black jeans and sneakers is also possible. For the top half, a dress shirt with 2-3 of the top buttons coming unbuttoned can do no harm. It only becomes tricky when it comes to fitting and color schemes.  

What are your thoughts on wearing Tuxedo jackets in a casual way? What do you think about my styling? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

Haskell Crystal Sunglasses / Warby Parker . Tuxedo Jacket / League of Rebels . T - Shirt & Trousers / H&M . Watch / Breda 1654a . Monkstraps / Call it Spring