The Double Breasted League

Photography by, Oscar Diaz

Would you rather a single breasted blazer or a double breasted blazer? 

For me, the answer to that is a double breasted blazer - by a mile. Double breasted blazers happen to be one of the best creations that has ever graced the menswear industry. The proof can be seen in its notoriety amongst various style enthusiasts and influencers. From culture to culture, men all over the world are embracing the item which comes as no surprise because of the blazer's versatility, detailed structure, and ability to accentuate physique.

As we approach summertime, the double breasted blazer may seem like a lot of material to put on your back. One tip to pulling off a look with a clothing item as detailed as the double breasted blazer, is procuring one with a thin fabric; linen perhaps. For the men who hesitate when it comes to the idea of putting on double breasted clothing, due to the fear of looking large or boxlike, it is all about knowing your fit. Even though it is assumed that it is more suited for the tall and slim men, I can assure you that with the right tailoring and cut, the double breasted blazer will make you look just as good as the single breasted if not, better. 

My styling process for this particular look came very easy to me. It was based on instinct and connection. The double breasted blazer makes me feel educated, well built, powerful and super stylish. You can see the education influence with the use of the eyewear and, the build influence in the physique the blazer gives me. The influence of power shows with my being surrounded by the structure of New York City, the black touches in the ensemble and, my wrist watch. What is more powerful than time? The stylish factor comes in with the playfulness of the colorful lines on my tie contrasting with the lines on the blazer. 

The double breasted blazer does not always require a smart or formal look. Stay tuned for more style posts ahead for an elaboration.

Would you rather the single or double breasted blazer? Why or why not? What do you think about the way I styled it? How would you have styled it? Leave your comments below. 

Thank you for reading!

Double breasted blazer / League of Rebels . Oxford Shirt / Stafford . Chinos / H&M . Monkstraps / Call it Spring . Haskell Crystal Sunglasses / Warby Parker