The Look | New York Fashion Week: Men's, Day 1

Photography by, Adam Mastroianni of Shinshi-Fuku

Going into the inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men's, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear for the four days I would be attending the occasion. Suits! Well fitting, matching suits. Unfortunately, due to complications with time and fitting, I decided on a theme; Playfulness and comfort. I decided to incorporate all of the things I included in my spring/summer 2015 personal style goals. All of which included more color, patterns and relaxed aesthetics which I've shown a bit more of over the past few weeks. With that in mind, I pieced all of my outfits together but I was not sure what order I was going to wear them in until the first day.

That decision was based on the fact I was too excited and lazy to iron my others pieces which led me to wear this matching polka dotted suit. The polka dots are so little you can barely tell. As soon as I purchased the suit, I knew I wanted to pair them with sneakers going off my relaxed aesthetic goal. The relaxed essence of the outfit prompted me to balance the ensemble with minimal accessories and a breathable long sleeve T shirt.

I was a bit skeptical about the choice because I felt it was so relaxed for the first day but to my surprise, the reception was lovely. As if compliments were not enough, media outlets like Bloomberg, Bustle, HypebeastBloomingdales, Bullet Media, Men's Fashion Post & Complex were kind enough to photograph me. With that being said, looks like this was a great getup for Day 1.

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Suit / H&M . Sneakers / Adidas . Haskell Crystal Sunglasses / Warby Parker