The Look | New York Fashion Week: Men's, Day 2

Photography by, Victor Jolley

I have owned this large blue mustard pouch for a while now and before New York Fashion Week: Men's, I had never made use of it. Somehow, I figured it was saving itself for a special debut and I guess that was New York Fashion Week: Men's, Day 2. 

For this particular day, I had a slightly demanding schedule so, I deemed it appropriate to dress for comfort. I had to pack chargers and some other necessities that were required for me to get through the day; hence the inclusiveness of my blue mustard pouch which was the only lightweight item I had that could do the job of a handy bag.

I had to wear a double breasted blazer to fashion week. I typically prefer them to single breasted blazers. I am very attached to the way it hugs my body and shows off my proportions. The color palette of my ensemble was strictly based on sounding off with the pouch. The relaxed essence featuring the unbuttoned shirt and shorts developed from me wanting to do something different with the double breasted blazer and its typical expectations; which would be a dressed up attire with a tie and well fitted trousers (click here). 

Playing on the theme of comfort, I even allowed myself to walk out in my shower hair (So much for letting my hair down). I know comfort cannot always be chosen over tradition but come on! Give a man a break. I was already wearing a double breasted blazer. I still get the classic man pass right?

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What do you think about my look for New York Fashion Week: Men's, Day 2? Let's talk hair even. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Double Breasted Blazer / League of Rebels . TCMFB Albert Slipper / Mark McNairy . Shirt / Calvin Klein . Downing Sunglasses / Warby Parker . Shorts / H&M