For Every Man's Closet: 4 Crucial Shoes

Words by, James K. Watson

Photography by, Victor Jolley, Adam Mastroianni

The New Year is upon us and it's time to get ready and lace up for 2016. Before you go out hitting the streets, we have some recommendations for essential shoes that, honestly, you should probably already have. Read on and learn about four pairs of shoes that no man should find themselves without.

1. Loafers

If you don't already have a pair of loafers in your closet you need to go out and get yourself a pair right now. Like, seriously, stop reading this right now and buy a pair of loafers. Much like dress boots, loafers are a versatile dress shoe that can pair with both casual and formal ensembles to add a fresh dash of class to any look. We've seen recommendations to swap out your sneakers for loafers to add a bit of extra flair to your everyday look. But please bear in mind that this is specifically for proper loafers like penny or tassel loafers, not boat shoes. While the aquatic casual footwear may masquerade as a loafer don't get caught committing the cardinal fashion sin of wearing boat shoes with a pair of slacks.

2. Chelsea Boots

Dress boots were all the rage in 2015 and have quickly become an essential piece of every man's style wardrobe. The Chelsea boot has been a fashion staple across the pond in the UK since the 1960s, but America is starting to pick up on the trend. One of the best things about a nice pair of dress boots is the versatility, because they pair well with either a casual pair of jeans or a slick suit. We also dig the incredible diversity of styles available for the Chelsea boot from classic leathers in tan and black to sharp suedes. You can find a pair that matches any ensemble.

3. White Sneakers

We've all heard the rule about white after Labor Day but in this case we're willing to make an exception. The rare Adidas Stan Smith "Triple White" sneaker was one of the defining shoes of 2015 and is perfect to carry over in the spring and winter of 2016. All-white sneakers are all the rage and it's been predicted that this style isn't going anywhere for next season. It's not just the all white colorway, it's Stan Smith's signature style that's responsible for much of the popularity with a additional "Triple Black" edition that dropped at the end of 2015 and is a perfect pair that speaks volumes with its minimalist design.

4. Lace Up Shoes with Statement Soles

It's hard to beat an impeccably clean and well worn dress shoe no matter how you lace it up. One of the biggest trends predicted for 2016 is that statement soles on dress shoes (think color or material contrasts) will be making a big splash on the streets. And it's more than a red bottom on a pair of Christian Louboutins, all manner of high end labels such as Ann Demeulemeester, Fratelli Rosetti and Marc Jacobs are getting on the trend as well with bold square toes and painted wooden soles.

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The article above is a featured guest post enunciated, and written by James K. Watson. Specially written for Approved by, Igee Okafor