Dating This Fall: With The Perfect Oxford Shoe

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Seun Igwe

According to popular belief, shoes are the mainstay of every outfit so if you're dating this fall, this is something to prioritize when it comes to presenting yourself. Making sure your shoe collection is appropriate for various scenarios is crucial. However, specifically for the more formal/casual scenario, consider The Calanos from Nisolo.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1. The amount of detail on the Canalos leave a lasting impression. Because of its construction and colors offered in Oak, Indigo, and Brandy, the The Calano Oxford shoe exudes a degree of elegance. Who doesn't want to be perceived as well mannered and sophisticated on a first date?

2. Designed for both a relaxed and formal presentation with leather and rubber, the shoe is suitable for an outfit upgrade or tone down. For a more toned down look that'll still leave focus on the shoe, go for a sockless look. If you fear blisters, sweaty/smelly feet, no show socks will do the trick.

3. Not only are The Calanos modern, respectable and fashionable, they provide physical ease. They're very easy to walk in and that's rare to find with oxford shoes because of how much weight they carry. 

4. Lastly, The Calanos are not only meant for dates. They can be utilized daily. 

        When it comes to dating, first dates especially - it's important not to overdo things. Put your best foot forward with a well constructed shoe like the Calanos. 


Calano Oak / Nisolo 

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