What To Wear To a Holiday Party: For Work (Part II)

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Dag Images

Discussing holiday wear so far on www.igeeokafor.com, it all seems to be about prioritizing relaxation, and coziness - as it should be. It's a wonderful time to celebrate our year long hard work and we all want to be unwinded while we do it.

For holiday occasions where gentlemen are required to suit up - corporate dinners for example, there are ways to have fun with it. Suiting up for work related gatherings does not have to be plain, and elemental. Go for something less predictable - like a speckled suit in a color nodding to the season. 

I have been writing a lot about prints, and patterns for the holidays and the speckled suit doesn't stray too far away from that in terms of detail and the idea of trying to have fun with clothing. There's a lot of detail in the speckled suit but the great thing about it is that, even though those details are not instantly recognizable, the fabric itself will give off a distinguished look and feel. 

In conversation I have had with other menswear enthusiasts, the suit type seems to be well received. Although, quite unpopular as it pertains to the amount of people who wear it, I personally receive the speckled suit as an effective and fashionable essential to own, and utilize. Especially for the holiday season. 


Speckled Maroon Suit / Sene Studio

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