What To Wear To a Holiday Party: Black Tie Event

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Daniel Ottavio

I must say I do not think I enjoy wearing another style of clothing as much as I enjoy wearing the tuxedo. Without a doubt, it can be labeled as the most elegant look in a man or woman's wardrobe for its definitive, authoritative and outstanding qualities. 

When attending a holiday party with a black tie dress code, expect that most men will probably attend in a traditional black tuxedo. Understandable! It is very easy to style. However, if you are looking to stand out, the answer is all in the details.

The tuxedo is not a genre of clothing that needs to be drastically redefined. The key to making it work is to prioritize the characteristics that make a classic tuxedo moment. Whatever you choose must be ageless, effortless, unblemished and graceful. It has to be customized to fit you.

Opting for a variation of the tuxedo whether it's in color, print, pattern or silhouette is a great way to stand out. For example, the white tuxedo jacket option works just as well. Trust me, when you look back at the photographs, you're going to be happy with the way you stand out.

The white shirt you feature in your look must be spotless, and pristine. Say no to your typical oxford shirt. Utilizing a dress shirt with a bib in the front and a double cuff shows that your attention to detail is stellar. 

The cufflinks you're going to wear to compliment your double cuffed shirt can show a little personality. Maybe one with a symbol or with shiny accents. Feel free to add a thin watch with a flat/slim plate. 

When it comes to shoes, loafers work well. Heaven knows I love a good pair of loafers but I take that option when the dress code is a bit more of a creative formal. For black tie, I prefer a nice shiny black leather dress shoe paired with long black socks for a more cohesive look. 

As for the bow tie, a lot of menswear enthusiasts say to make sure it is one you can tie. While I encourage every man to learn how to tie a bowtie because of added improvement on one's skill set and how classic it looks undone at the end of the night, buying one that is already done for you is an easier option. It'll also save you a lot of time. (YesI am talking from experience spending countless hours on youtube trying to learn how to tie the perfect bow tie all to no avail.)

When it comes to black tie, it is important to always present a timeless, and classic look. Keeping details cohesive, elegant and graceful is the key to pulling off a successful black tie look.

Consider the cufflinks, the pocket square, and the cummerbunds. More details, here.


Tuxedo / Sene Studio . Joe Cap Toe Oxford Shoes / Jack Erwin . Wrist Watch / Daniel Wellington . Socks / Ralph Lauren

Thank you for reading!