What To Wear To a Holiday Party: Family and Friends

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Dag Images

It's holiday party season and if you're a fan of these parties, you are aware that there are a variety of them. Different occasions feature different people, different settings, and different dress codes. This season in a four part series, I am putting together four looks to serve as style references for the holiday parties you could be attending.

Getting ready for holiday parties, most of what we look forward to is dressing up. At least, when I think about it, "dressing up" is the first thing that comes to mind. However, when it comes to events dealing with friends and family when "parties" are not necessarily huge soirees featuring over 50 attendees, but are intimate dinners, movies in the living room, board games and alike, the idea of dressing up shifts a bit. 

For an occasion like this, comfort and relaxation is vital. Ditch the layers and opt for something snug, inviting and festive. Take in the ingredients of character the holiday season presents and go for the bold colors, prints, and patterns. Fully tap into that lighthearted and cheerful essence when thinking of what to wear when getting with your friends and family to enjoy time.

The holidays present an opportunity to be wacky as you can so make a bold statement and show some personality with your patterned sweaters. 


Chevron Turtleneck Sweaters / Nautica

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