Brace The Outdoors with Winter's Answer: The Parka Jacket

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Mark Asuncion

For those days when it's tough to brace the outdoors, thick outerwear is needed and there is no other outerwear that can face agonizing degrees and excruciating freezing points like the cozy, and enjoyable Parka Jacket

I'm going to be honest, a parka is not necessarily the first thing one seeks out to buy when shopping for clothing, especially if you're like me; the kind of person who doesn't fancy anything with a hood. However, for days when the weather could possibly freeze your face off, you'll be thankful you own one. 

The Parka Jacket is a winter necessity. High quality parka jackets are quite pricy so, you will want to get your monies worth by making sure whatever parka that is chosen is, easily adaptable. That means foundational colors like Navy, Green, and Brown are easily the best choices. 


Artic Parka with Fur Collar / Woolrich John Rich & Bros . Lambswool Rich Crew Neck Sweater / ASOS . Tech Nappa Glove / Coach . Trousers / Brooklyn Wolf . Grayson Penny Loafers / Johnston & Murphy . Dapper Reading Wrist Watch / Daniel Wellington

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