Shopping Menswear: 6 Merits To Focus On

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Roderick Jackson

Curating for the past three years as a fan of menswear, well made products and well curated services in general, I have become very sensitive to first hand taste levels and significance in the products I choose to consume. Although one's tendency to like or dislike certain things is ever changing, there are specific merits to look for in regards to buying - in regards to clothing and beyond. 

Cost Accessibility - Craftsmanship - Immutability - Adaptability - Fit - Comfort

To start off in no particular order, Cost Accessibility is a very important factor. Creating a budget for the kind of product you seek out to buy is important because it encourages a boundary and some sort of discipline for your spending means. For different prices, there are different options and by all means, I encourage you to shop the highest quality for what your very reasonable budget will allow. 

Craftsmanship goes a long way. The saying, "You get what you pay for" could not be more true in relation to quality. People invest in homes, cars, and more. Doing the same for items of clothing you believe will last you for a long period of time makes just as much sense. Nothing feels better than feeling like you spent your money on an item that will transcend time which is why making sure Immutability in clothing comes into play.

Do not procure clothing just because they seem to be all the rage. Taking time out to carefully curate a well built wardrobe based on classic clothing that will stand the test of time will be worthwhile. Also, making sure your clothing possesses the characteristic of Adaptability proves to be of vital importance in the long run.When shopping, it is important to not only make sure the clothing is of quality but also, the items in question work well with other items in your closet. 

I cannot stress how important Fit is in menswear. I have had my fair share of style mishaps. Up until last year, I realized I had been wearing the wrong size in outerwear, knitwear, and shirting all these years. Liking an item of clothing a lot is simply not enough to put it on your body. If you do not feel Self Assured or Comfortable in said clothing, do not purchase it because it'll only end up in the back of your closet waiting to be given away or resold. If you wear it, people will be able to tell because it'll be all you exude as you'll constantly try adjust. What a waste of money right?

Sure, with off the rack clothing, not everything will fit perfectly so, another option sees utilizing a really good tailor when for appropriate measures.


Dean The Butcher Felt Fedora Hat / Goorin Bros . Woodrow Turtleneck / Mr Turk . Navy Infinity Suit / T.M. Lewin . Camel Coat / Club Monaco . Nolen Double Monk Cap Toe / Johnston & Murphy

Thank you for reading!