Blending: Detailed Articles of Clothing

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Gina Palermo

My endorsement for straightforward, and minimalistic style is no secret. These days, my collection of clothing seems to be dominated by foundational colors - white, black, navy, and brown. However, sometimes, I slightly break out of my norm, with other subtle colors, and detailed pieces for accenting purposes. 

As seen above, I have made use of earthy tones like olive, burgundy, and deep purple. Navy is the foundational color here. Like the colors - white and black, navy is a safe choice for color collaboration.

I am a huge fan of bags for men. In a society where we all prioritize on staying cultured, and busy, there is nothing more convenient than being able to carry around portable devices, books, grooming products, and such in one bag. Especially, one that is as versatile as the messenger bag. 

The silk scarf is another dominant piece on its own. The print on the scarf feature colors muted enough to not clash with or distract from the messenger bag. The silk scarf possesses the right amount of unevened sophistication, and is versatile enough to be dressed up for a fancy dinner or casual for a lunchtime appointment at the local bakery.

The Penny Loafers in deep burgundy compliment the hues of purple on the scarf.  Seeing that the amount of detail on the scarf, and bag is commanding enough, I wanted to finish with clean, and simple footwear. What else is better than penny loafers? They're the simplest, relaxed, and most ennobled shoes ever made.

Contrary to popular belief, I do enjoy detailed clothing. Being inclusive of prints, patterns, and textures is a significant way to increase range, and display perceptible enthusiasm as it pertains to one's look. The key is, subtlety; making sure the amount of detail is not too much, or too little. 

Wool Coat & Messenger Bag / Ben Sherman . Penny Loafers / Jack Erwin . Shirt / Frank and Oak . Trousers / H&M 

Thank you for reading!