An Advancement: The Double Breasted Camel Overcoat

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Andrew White

Overcoats commonly represent a crucial element of clothing for most of us. Every guy should have a built to last, distinct, and cumbersome wool overcoat. An overcoat that is made to make a statement, and elevate a look without having to try too hard. For menswear enthusiasts, and any man who welcomes the rakish style, the Double Breasted Camel overcoat is a clean-cut selection. 

Why Camel? Camel exudes sumptuousness, and has also been on top of the biggest menswear moments as of the last three years. Posed to help one stand out from the crowd, its versatility allows adaptability for seasonal looks, which gives the double breasted coat a timeless relevance that contradicts its seemingly trendy social standing. 

Traditionally and popularly worn over a suit and tie, the double breasted camel overcoat can be considered a statement piece with its sizable lapel, strikingly polished material, and idiosyncratic silhouette. The particular overcoat featured above, is from Club Monaco. It is exceptionally undemanding to dress up, but also thrives just as well in a more relaxed, loosened context.

Camel Overcoat / Club Monaco . Turtleneck Sweater / Topman . Trousers / H&M . Wingtips / Cole Haan . Sunglasses / Warby Parker

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