Going Sockless on a Double Breasted Suit

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Andrew T. White

The double breasted suit has always been a tangible character of vestiary magnificence. Known for its character of fineness, masculinity, and detail, the suiting style is dominating menswear more than ever with its modernized elegance, and power.

Although double breasted suits are originally designed to be dressed up, there's nothing wrong with dressing it down from time to time. Every now, and then, you may see some menswear influencers untraditionally pairing double breasted suits with staple pieces such as polo shirts, t shirts, and jeans. This is because the suit possesses, and allows for a great balance of formal, and casual looks. This flexibility makes for the perfect canvas as things pertain to trying out a series of styling options. For example, going sockless in the footwear department. 

For some people, going sockless means risking malodorous feet, blisters, and swelling. If you ask me, I say, working to avoid that is the reason why no-show socks are all the rave. Going sockless on a suit is nothing new, especially on double breasted suits as they are now being paired with sneakers, and loafers to play up the casual medium of the ensemble. Deciding to go sockless is a prioritized preference based on staying put throughout toasty days, in the hopes of keeping things a little light, and fun. 

The double breasted suit is known as a statement piece on its own so, letting that do the talking is the major key to succeeding with a style choice such as going sockless. To be safe, I typically recommend leaning towards a more monochromatic look. I've done that here by making use of elementary colors that are in the same family; The White Shirt, The Knit Tie, The Watch, The Eyewear, and the Wingtips.

It is inspiriting to keep things clear, crisp, and a little understated. Sometimes, it's the best way to make a courageous statement. 

Suit / Valentino . Wingtips / Cole Haan . Watch / Movado . Knit Tie / League of Rebels . Sunglasses / Warby Parker Haskell

Thank you for reading!