Saying Goodbye to the Cold Season: What I've Learned - The Keys to Great Winter Style

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photographed by, Gina Palermo

The cold days are starting to fade away, the trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming, and we are starting to shed our layers - The time has come to finally say goodbye to the overbearing winter. To give a great farewell, I thought I'd highlight, and share several essential articles of clothing I enjoyed wearing during the season alongside tips that work best with these pieces. 

The leading essential to fine winter style is an all purpose, Wool Coat. I recommend having at least two in your wardrobe. One that is easily adaptable for various day to day ensembles, and another venturesome piece for the days when you're feeling more spontaneous than usual. This way, you're less likely to drown in a style rut. 

Following the wool coat, is the Wool Blazer which I like to refer to as, menswear's unacclaimed celebrity. Most would agree when I say that there is no other article of clothing that is more multifaceted, and/or has the unparalleled proficiency to instantaneously aggrandize any style aesthetic. This alone, makes the wool coat a timeless classic, and an essential for winter seasons to come.

Throughout the winter, if there is one thing I paid detailed attention to, it is the way clothes fit. When it comes to style, no matter what the genre is, there is nothing more defective than ill fitting clothing. This goes all the way down to well tailored, wool trousers. Adding one to your wardrobe allows for testing with unconventional combinations. For me, well tailored trousers for the winter should fit into any outfit, be it dressy, or relaxed, and I  typically like them to fit a little bit above my ankles to show off my socks or shoes. Speaking of shoes, I really enjoyed wearing penny loafers. Although, slightly atypical for the season, they're the simplest, most ennobled, and relaxed shoes ever made, as I've said here. For practical use during the winter, be sure to pair with socks, and be mindful of wearing them on days with no rain, or snow. 

What I found most surprising, is that out of all the accessories I wore during the season, the knit tie seemed to garner the most compliments, because of the softness, and texture of its material. Both characteristics, very delicate, and well crafted - Well deserved. 

As for new favorites, I have gravitated towards wrist watches. Getting to make my own selections with the likes of MVMT, and other wrist watch brands, I have been able to prioritize what I want, and do not want in a wrist watch. This is important since I incorporate them in my everyday life nowadays. The answer to what I want, and do not want lies in versatility, and flexibility. 

Navy Trench Coat / De'Murk . Oxford Shirt / Nautica . Knit Tie / League of Rebels . Blazer / Ben Sherman . Trousers / H&M . Penny Loafers / Jack Erwin . Watch / MVMT

Thank you for reading!

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