Dressing For The Spring Transition: The Chilly Days

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photographed by, Gina Palermo

With the first few weeks of spring comes the irregular weather that presents a mixture of warm, hot, and chilly days. Some days, we are enjoying the 77 degree weather, and other days, we are dealing with 37 degrees. When mother nature isn't sure what she wants to give us, the numbers fluctuate between the highs and the lows within the day. This is all a part of the transition. You're getting the best of both worlds; sort of. 

For those wavy days when the weather fluctuates within the day, I have found that light layers work very well when paired with cozy outerwear like the wool trench coat I am featuring above. The structure of the coat is appealing enough to accentuate the body shape while also, keeping light, and keeping the body warm at the same time.

You can't go wrong with the wool trench coat. It's definitive, sharp, and comfortable. The most distinguished trench coats feature minimalistic designs, like this one from De'Murk. There is no extravagance in the pockets, zippers, buttons or length which makes for a clean, and sleek combination; especially when paired with light articles of clothing such as, a v neck sweater, and black trousers.

Trench Coat / De'Murk . Oxford Shirt / Frank and Oak . V Neck Sweater / Brooks Brothers . Trousers / H&M . Socks / The Tie Bar . Penny Loafers / Jay Butler

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