Take a Chance on The Cashmere Sweater

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Marcus Richardson

Temperatures are starting to get lower which means the Fall season is around the corner, and if you're like me, it means that you are ready to put on the sweaters, and light jackets. With the new season, comes the planning of a cozy wardrobe. It's out with the old, (linen & cotton), and in with the new (cashmere, and wool).

Like many males, when it comes to Fall essentials, I look forward to well made sweaters. The ones that maintain their structure. Having a great cashmere sweater is essential for the colder seasons, even if it is just one pair. When it comes to selecting the ideal cashmere sweater, the right length, and fit is important. As a slim male, I tend to gravitate towards a fit that raises slightly above my waist - not too fitted, and not too loose. I believe they are a bit more breathable, and flexible that way. Breathability, and flexibility is essential. 

As for color, I naturally encourage primary colors like Blues & Whites. Although, over the years, I have warmed up to the idea of utilizing options that incorporate more straightforward styles. Black is a timeless choice, and the fall/winter season is the perfect time to do it so, why not take advantage? Take a chance.

Cashmere sweaters for comfort is equally a functional, and practical idea, and brands like Uniqlo have caught on by creating them in a way that combines, and adapts into casual wear. These are the kind of ideal pieces to go for - pieces that are able to transition in a presentable way. 


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