Changeover Basics: The Marsala Bova Tee

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photographed by, Xavier Duah

The Marsala Bova Tee is a substantial transitional piece to add to your wardrobe as the weather is now graduating from lower to much higher temperatures. 

Unconventionally compared to obvious items, the shirt is a statement piece in its own right because of its feature of a simplistically bold, and dominant color that allows for the signature logo of the brand to stand out. 

The casual feel of the shirt calls for a relaxed look. Therefore, matching, and styling with articles of clothing that are not too ostentatious is ideal, and more likely to be attainable. With lightweight, and breathable qualities, the long sleeve Bova tee serves very well as an effectual layering tool worn under lightweight/heavy outerwear, or on its own, as I am showcasing in the photos above. 

Marsala Bova Tee / Ian Marko . Desert Boots / Stacy Adams . Jeans / Hollister . Watch / Shore Projects . Sunglasses / Warby Parker

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