My Pick: Daniel Wellington's Dapper Reading Wrist Watch

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photographed by, Katie Walker

Without a doubt, most would probably say that a wrist watch should be one of the largest investment pieces in a man's wardrobe. It's very easy to see why one would think this way. I mean, think about it. A wrist watch can be made use of every day, and it is one of the only few menswear essentials that has the ability to give a look that finishing touch, without having to try too hard. So, sure! A wrist watch is worth an extravagant expense, depending on its features and quality, but not all timepieces of quality have to be pricy.

This is where Daniel Wellington comes in. A brand that steadily manufactures strong, sophisticated, and excellently designed classic timepieces, for a budget that prioritizes distinctive appearance, over bank notes. 

Take the Dapper Reading Wrist Watch by, Daniel Wellington for example. Available in silver, and rose gold, the timepiece makes an advanced, and modern declaration that serves its clean, timeless, and elegant design scheme - featuring interchangeable straps, a date reveal, roman numerals, and deep blue hands.

The Dapper Reading Wrist Watch serves well as a formal piece on any black leather strap, but even better with the crocodile texture for a guaranteed, distinctive look when paired with any look. 

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Dapper Reading Rose Gold Wrist Watch / Daniel Wellington 

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