Brooklyn Wolf Review: The Ashford Trouser

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Richie Tam

Truth be told, of all the articles of clothing I wear, I struggle a bit with shopping for trousers because I am very specific when it comes to every detail being suitable, and particular to, and for my lifestyle.

The most important factor plays into functionality. I tend to favor more comfortable and relaxed silhouettes that allow for exaggerated movements if necessary. The way I see it, if I am spending money on a pair of trousers, I should be able to spontaneously indulge in Karate if I wanted to without having to worry about tearing them. 

Prioritizing on making trousers for the "modern lean individual" with prices ranging from $89 to $109, is Brooklyn Wolf - a brand that has all of my wants covered. My experience with the brand consisted of several fittings with Richie Tam who happens to be the business owner, and creative mind behind the Brooklyn Wolf brand. 

When it comes to fit, I typically opt for slim fitting options that present a bit of a cropped form. Luckily for me, it was very easy shopping with Brooklyn Wolf as I was able to find prefabricated trousers that fit me perfectly well - and by "perfectly well" I don't mean "too tight". 

The trouser I am featuring above, is called The Ashford. Beautifully designed, lightweight, and breathable without any adjustments, the trouser fit me perfectly on the waist with its length being structured enough to rise a bit when I sit, and lay perfectly on my shoe when I stand, just like I like it. 

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