Dressing For A Summer Wedding: For The Island Wedding Guest

Words by, Igee Okafor & Mr Baldwin Style Grooms

Photography by, Xavier Duah 

Styling by, Donnell Baldwin

"Dressing For A Summer Wedding: For The Island Wedding Guest" is the second of a three post summer wedding series on www.igeeokafor.com.

Truth be told, I have never attended an outdoor wedding. However, from what I have observed from other people's experiences, I have concluded that outdoor ceremonies create the perfect ambiance for a more loosened, and de-stressed way of dressing. Think of the trees, the beautiful flowers, the breeze, the sand or the ocean. For this setting, it is all about comfort and easy flowing ensembles.

In collaboration with Mr Baldwin Style Grooms to highlight different ways in which one can adapt different forms of menswear into various wedding aesthetics, here are 3 few tips for the Island Wedding Guest. 

1. Select a suit in a lighter color and a breathable fabric both to keep you cooler in the warm weather and to be style appropriate for the festivities.  Here we selected suit separates from Billy Reid's Heirloom Collection that are cotton and hemp blends, providing comfort for a full day of outdoor wedding activities.

2. Skip the collared shirt and neck tie and instead opt for striped crew shirt and silk neck scarf.  With non-traditional beach and island weddings (and wedding venues) the formal menswear rules are typically not upheld (unless the bride and groom indicate so on the wedding invitation).  This being said, take the liberty to air on the side of comfort and fore o the collared shirt and select something that may be a little representative of your style or personality.  Here we selected a striped jacquard crew neck shirt providing island sophistication and interest to the look and added an orange silk neck scarf as a final touch to provide movement as the island breezes pick up.

3. Choose footwear appropriate for the warm weather locale.  In our minds there is nothing much worse than black patent leather tuxedos shoes crunching through the sand at a beach wedding.  Here we selected a woven oxford shoe in tan. A perfect complement to the hemp and cotton suit separates while still providing breathability for the warmer weather.  And in keeping with appropriate footwear, skip the dress socks. No need for dress socks here. A bare ankle is perfectly appropriate for the island wedding guest.

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