Let's Appraise The Checked Double Breasted Suit

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Mark Asuncion

A double breasted suit in a solid color always requires styling and tailoring in a traditional form. Although quite challenging to style at times, a double breasted suit with a bolder pattern demands no difference as long as it is polished, and well tailored to your body. 

Adding a seasonal touch for the season like I'm doing with the suit I have on in the photographs above shows attention to appropriate dressing. The color palette has a believable and involved feel to it - dark green, blue and grey color tones make a practical selection for those getting used to adapting bolder ensembles into their wardrobe this season.The suit's sleek feature of straight ticket pockets ensure a sharp look that is not just attractive, but useful, and practical.

When it comes to styling, a light colored shirt dress shirt adds to the idea of a softened cohesive sartorial presentation - peculiarly when paired with a grenadine tie that match the socks and a pair of well polished leather double monk straps. 

Use the Fedora hat to add some character to the overall presentation of the look. It'll offer a more stylish nudge in a direction that sheds from a typical business meeting look.  


Dean The Butcher Felt Fedora Hat / Goorin Bros . Stone Grey Matte Sigmund / Neubau Eyewear . Micro Check Shirt / Brioni . Brown Grenadine Tie / Passagio Cravatte . Gray Check Suit / Indochino . Brown Socks - The Chocolate Poitier Double Monk Strap / Paul Evans 

Thank you for reading!