A Guide to Wearing The Black Turtleneck This Fall

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Mark Asuncion

A dark, extra fine cashmere and merino wool turtleneck is a fundamental fall/winter wardrobe staple. Here's how I recommend wearing yours: 

  • Wear The Turtleneck on its Own

Adding a coat or jacket on top of the turtleneck will be sure to elevate your look instantly but, consciously wearing the turtleneck on its own allows for a minimal look - more focused on the framing of the face and upper body posture. The turtleneck will invariably be a classic article of style for any man confident enough in his character.

  • Proper Fit is a Must especially with Trousers

Switch out the Steve Jobs jeans look for proper well tailored trousers. I see too many males make the mistake with fit especially when it comes to trousers - they're either too long or too wide. Where your trousers break is a matter of personal preference but hemming them appropriately is a must. 

  • Choose Chelsea Boots

A variety of shoe options pair well with the turtleneck and overall look you see in the photographers above. Loafers, and Oxford shoes especially. However, you'd be putting your best foot forward with a good pair of Chelsea boots. They add a more stylish flair to any look and will be useful for almost every event you'll be making an appearance to. 

  • Accessorize lightly with a Timepiece or Minimal bracelet

Accessorizing with a minimal timepiece is a faultless way to inject sartorial detail into an ensemble. Silver effortlessly pairs well with black.

  • Embrace The Monochromatic Look

Wearing diverse finishes of one color allows for the emphasizing and understating of different body parts. As wonderful as it is being able to mix and match colors, prints, and patterns, it is also great to explore monochromatic dressing every once in a while. There's a reason "all black everything" became a trend. It is so easy to put together without thinking too much of it. Same goes for monochromatic dressing with other colors.  There's a sense of refined casualty the style exudes. 


Arlington Turtleneck / John Smedley . Trousers / MR TURK . The Dean Chelsea Boot / Paul Evans . Edgware Watch / Henry London

Thank you for reading!