How To Nail Corduroy For Holiday Style

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography, Mark Asuncion

Corduroy is a base fabric popularly associated with the colder months like seersucker is with the warmer. During a season where you'll see most men dressed up in wool suits, I believe it is more than fair to say that there is more than enough room to switch things up with a corduroy suit. When styled properly, it has the ability to give a distinct, and clearly defined look and briefly, that's what this post will teach you how to do. 

Selecting your corduroy suit, I recommend a Made To Measure or Bespoke selection. Being so that corduroy can be a difficult fabric to style because of its soft and silky surface, it is important to take measures to ensure the suit hugs your body like it should. The shoulders should allow movements in the arm, and the trousers should be slim and firm. This is where you should really discuss with your trusted tailor to help present you with the best possible look. 

Opting for any color you're comfortable in is a win win but it is up to you to make sure you compliment the entire ensemble with simplicity and ease. Colors I've seen work well are teal, brown, tan, maroon, navy blue and olive green. 

As illustrated in the photographs above, the addition of a clean dress shirt with an artful silk scarf makes for an intricate cosmopolitan ensemble. Fixing on a pair of neat and stylish loafers exudes a worldly-wise knowledge of appropriate style and class. An oxblood choice like the ones you see presented above will be sure to spotlight the fit and detail in the rest of your look. Lastly, inject a bit of monochrome to your look by matching your socks to the suit.


Teal Corduroy Suit / Indochino . Micro Check Shirt / Brioni . The Oxblood Caine Bit Loafer / Paul Evans . 

Thank you for reading!