Fine Tune Your Look with Stylish Optical Glasses

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Kazi Haque

Eyeglasses: A simplistic and prevalent accessory

As demonstrated by tastemakers like Iris Apfel, Linda Rodin, Matthew Miller, and Blake Scott, incorporating eyeglasses into an outfit for a more refined look can be achieved without great effort if the right pair is put to use. The particular design you choose can totally and utterly remodel the intrinsic nature of an outfit especially optical glasses. 

Nowadays, it is becoming more common for people to inject optical glasses into their personal style even when they don't need them to read or see. If sunglasses can be prescriped, why can't optical glasses be used as an aesthetically pleasing accessory when necessary? 

They're able to pair well with anything from casual to formal. Even when dressing a bit more on the traditionalist side, optical glasses exude an obvious stylishness that seems as though it was achieved with admirable ease. 

I will admit, I generally find it hard to find eyeglasses that fit my face so currently, I am bias towards round frames as pictured in the photographs above. Round frames are now ever present with a variety of labels today in a plethora of designs - and for good reason. They personify simple elegant style because of its vintage, and intelligent look. 

The idea of selecting the right pair of glasses to buy is quite simple. You only get one chance to make a first impression so here are some shopping tips to start you off this holiday season: 

  • Make sure they frame your face well

A pair of glasses procured without regard to sizing is a pair well wasted. They should never be over sized or too small. They should fit just right on the outside of your cheekbones or close enough to complement your face enough to further accentuate your natural features. Be sure to be conscious of looking as proportional as possible. Here's a comprehensive face guide to help you. 

  • Make sure you're able to pair them with most items in your closet

Selection for framing and lenses are subject to the beholder. Choose the right color. I do my best to stay away from black but most people I know prefer to work with black for everyday life. On lighter skin, I suggest darker, and more muted tones. On darker skin, I suggest lighter tones. Subtle options are more suitable for everyday life. 

  • Make sure you're comfortable

Know yourself. If it doesn't feel like whatever you're trying to achieve has been elevated, continue the search. Don't waste your money settling. 


Joseph Marc Lee / Coastal

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