A Charming Accessory: The Silk Scarf

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Alex Pedan

The best personal style accents are the ones that do just enough to make you stand out, but not in an attention seeking way. Delicate and precise is the right idea and the Silk Scarf is sure to charm. 

Oddly not designed to keep anyone warm like a regular scarf is supposed to, the silk scarf is largely designed to act as a finishing accent on any outfit - serving as an additional feature of impressive stylishness in appearance. When it comes to color selection, there's nothing better than a rich blue, green, maroon, or brown color palette as they pair well against other colors. If you're feeling bold enough to push the envelope especially during festive times like the holiday season, opt for printed alternatives as illustrated in the photographs above. 

Working the silk scarf into everyday life, it is important to make sure that the accessory compliments the rest of the outfit. Seemingly most appropriate for formal, and upscale gatherings, neatly tucking the scarf under a coat or blazer is one ideal way of showing off what will be recognized as a pleasingly graceful and polished upshot. 


Bespoke Flannel Suit in Indigo - Bespoke Denim Shirt - Silk Scarf  / J. Mueser 

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