The Bespoke Brand You Need To Know

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Alex Pedan

In a world where we are routinely governed by mainstream hype especially inside the range of material goods like clothing, it is of great significance and value to develop an interest in seeking out and supporting specialized brands and businesses that match up to the ideal standard of general excellence. In the bespoke department in New York City, J. Mueser matches the distinction - in business, and in product. 

Initiated in 2010 by New York's Fashion Institute of Technology alumni, Jake Mueser, the West Village boutique functions specifically on bespoke suits, shirts, and accessories with a relatively small team. The produced clothing, inspired by the distinctive character of American luxury, centerpieces signature padded shoulders, slim waists and fitted torsos.

Nodding to clean cuts, and sleek silhouettes, this flannel suit like the blazer showcased in the photographs above are top-quality examples of the J.Mueser's contemporary efforts. Like one of many, the suit offers a modernized take on American tailoring techniques. It's lasting and physically relaxed - like leisurewear but suitable for engagements that do not require intensive proceedings.  

In addition to amatory details where J.Mueser is concerned, you have a brand that puts a unique spin on luxurious indulgence, and instills the utmost confidence in its practices and relationships with clients. Attach to that, a refined and modish taste that is as extensive and as indubitable as can be.


J.Mueser Bespoke

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