Ease, Sophistication, Allure and Functionality: The Cashmere and Wool Topcoat

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Alex Pedan

The cold weather can be punishingly unbearable sometimes and this upcoming winter will be no different. You'll definitely need a refined, and appropriate topcoat to exhibit your proficient and stylistic senses. Simply put, in the winter, your personal style is just as good as the coat you feature.

The particular coat I am featuring in the photographs above is custom made from J. Mueser Bespoke

Ease, Sophistication, Allure and Functionality are four things I consider when shopping for valuable outerwear. An ideal option lies in the best materials that are bound to do the job of keeping one warm - wool and cashmere fabrics. Take the interestingly designed herringbone fabric showcased above for example, opting for solid cloths infused with lively prints and patterns illustrate a galvanized range in taste. 


J. Mueser Bespoke

Thank you for reading!