Wherever Time Takes You: An Introduction to Carl F. Bucherer Timepieces

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Hector Perez

As we get older and more mature, our tastes as it pertains to what we choose to consume follows along. Luxury brands are a part of that progression - not because of the status they exude but because of the level of craftsmanship and functionality that is used to create the product that consumers tend to need and want. Quality, structure and functionality matter and that extends to luxury watches. In this department, Carl F. Bucherer's timepieces are distinctive. They're stylish, well built, and desirable. 

The foundation of the Lucerne-based watch brand is credited to Carl Friedrich Bucherer himself. An imaginative talent who in his time, always sought out to amalgamate luxury and beauty in quality forms. In 1888, Mr Bucherer opened a jewelry shop as a result of his ever growing enthusiasm for creating timepieces. Seeing as one of his sons trained to be a watchmaker, and the other a goldsmith, it is not difficult to see why the brand has flourished beyond its years. 

"Made of Lucerne" as the brand so proudly emphasizes due to the surrounding's value for tradition and its people, Carl F. Bucherer's spiel as one of the world's leading luxury watch brands is deeply rooted in three things - the importance of family value, a one of a kind elegance that is more aspirational than it is superficial, and an undying passion for creating polished timepieces that will be utilized in adorned ways. 

Throughout the years, the brand has generated a variety of gadgets that enhance precise time tracking. Very recently as displayed in the photographs above, the Manero Flyback - one of the brand's exemplary signature designs. Featuring a 1970 chronograph movement with Flyback Function, the competence of the timepiece is realized almost immediately in its timeless design. Unarguably one of the reasons why the brand is ever growing as a trailblazer in the swiss luxury watch industry. 

Carl F. Bucherer continues to expand and is engaging a wide range of enthusiasts, guided by an awe-inspiring list of distinguished representatives, and supporters that cherish the brand's background and point of inventiveness. 

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The Manero Flyback / Carl F. Bucherer

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In collaboration with Carl F. Bucherer. The standpoints articulated above are personal opinions, and are not representative of the stance or ranking of Carl F. Bucherer