Yes, You can Wear A Fair Isle Sweater Vest This Spring

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Ben Salafia

Fair Isle is a long established knitting method used to fabricate a variety of patterns in a variety of colors. Chances are you probably don't see fair isle sweaters often and when you do, they're usually around the holiday season. I don't own a lot of Fair Isle sweaters. I believe the one I am wearing in the photos above are the only ones in my closet because I only recently developed an interest in them. 

Sure, we are not in the Fall or Winter season at the moment but the subtle variety of colors and patterns plastered all over the sweater resonates with what spring style is all about.

The photographs above present a minimal and distinct look quintessential for spring days that tend to be more on the chilly side. 

As I have advised in the previous posts when it comes to dealing with clothing items that display more detail than usual (The Fair Isle Sweater Vest In This Case), quieting down the look by featuring supporting simplistic clothing items is a win.  


Fair Isle Sweater Vest / J Crew

Thank you for reading!