The Foundations of Style: Fit, Seasonality & Moderation

Words by, Zachary Aregood

Photography by, Ben Salafia

Our everyday experiences have the ability to change our perspective (if we pay attention), which in turn, influences style. We are judged in less than ten seconds of meeting someone, so making sure our style accurately reflects who we are is important.

Style is much more than a fresh-pressed suit worn to the office or a new pair of sneakers we can’t wait to break out. I believe style to be an intricate puzzle which, through practice and discovery, is assembled over time and ultimately articulates our personalities without words.

Subtle details influence our mood more than we’d expect, for better or worse, and understanding what these details are is the key to unlocking how to consistently look and feel your best and most accurate. Look good, feel good, play good; seems silly but it’s true.

Successfully identifying your own distinct style that authentically expresses who you are isn't done overnight. Good style requires time and curation, and is most effective through trial and error. Fine-tuning your attire is essential to creating your own style and rising above the status quo. If this sounds daunting, don't panic, there are ways to ensure you are on the right path.

Regardless of your taste, these traits remain universally applicable to style and should be considered when building your wardrobe.

  • Fit

With any article of clothing, the right fit can take an ensemble to another level. Take suits, trousers, and jeans to a local, reputable tailor; they’ll know what to do. Your suit may have cost $200.00, but the new fit will make you feel like a million bucks. Taking in excess material from your clothing will improve comfortability while giving you a more fitted silhouette. Get measured correctly for dress shirts and opt for a slimmer cut. T-shirts are a classic and work well with any style; try different brands until you find ones that fit you best, then stock up.

  • Seasonality

Seasons change-unless you live in a tropical destination-in which case, enjoy. But for most of us, we experience seasonality and with that, so should our wardrobe. Dressing for the weather will not only make you more comfortable (no more wet sneakers in the snow), but it will allow you to experiment with different colors and textures. This time of year is great because it allows for layering which gives you many options when considering outerwear. Browse for sweaters and jackets that perhaps fall outside of your normal color palette to add life to your outfit and instantly elevate your style.

  • Moderation

There’s noting wrong with trying new and different pieces to put your own spin on your style; in fact, it’s encouraged. However, be sure to keep moderation in mind and when in doubt, less is more. Ultimately, your style should bring you a sense of pride and confidence, visible without verbal communication to those you encounter. The goal is to exude this ‘feel-good’ vibe without being distracting. While considering new colors and textures, try starting with small articles, such as pocket squares, neck ties, socks, and sweaters before committing to larger pieces.



Thank you for reading! 

The article above is a featured guest post enunciated, and written by, Zachary AreGood. Specially written for Approved by, Igee Okafor