Here are Three Ways To Stay Cool This Summer (With Clothes On)

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Caleb Church

With summertime comes smaller amounts of clothing and larger amounts of sunlight. This we know and are used to but this summer has been incredibly hot; at least according to my criterion. I mean, if you're walking to the nearest metro station from your fully air conditioned home in under 5 minutes and all of a sudden, you're feeling a bit of drippage sourcing from your forehead, it's too hot. Certainly not the time for over the shoulder sweater looks or impromptu jeans - so if you can relate and need a resolution, here are three items that will allow you to beat the heat for the rest of the season. 

  • The Linen Shirt

If you're going to stay cool with a shirt on, it is important to make sure the fabric of the shirt is as delicate as can be. A linen shirt is a great step in the right direction as it is one of the only few lighter fabrics made for the summer. It feels just as gentle as it looks and is very merciful in the heat.

  • The White Slim Fit Chinos

Aside from how cool chinos can be in summer temperatures, the great thing about the piece is its ability to get dressed up just as easily as it can get dressed down. Other than light reflection, this attribute of versatility is why I recommend wearing them in white. Although a very tricky color to wear, you are confirmed an automatic sense of refinement. They also go with everything in your closet. When shopping for one, it is important to make sure they're lightly constructed. 

  • The Lightweight Loafers

It's hot. For shoes, you want something relaxed, and effortless. Simple! What are the easiest shoes to get into? Loafers triumph in this department. 


Slim Linen Shirt In Wide Stripe / J.Crew . Slim Fit Chinos / Brooks Brothers . Suede Loafers / Gucci

Thank you for reading!