How To Dress Like A Kingsman: A Touch of British Style

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Mark Asuncion

If you've ever seen the movie KINGSMAN, you are well aware of the standout british style, elegance, and panache the main characters of the movie exhibit. Reference the pristine way in which Harry Hart wears a double breasted suit for example or Merlin's mastery on how to sport a v neck sweater without looking anything close to casual. 

The picture of British Style high points a well detailed, well fitted, clean, and crisp way of dressing no matter where you are or what you're doing. In commemoration of the second KINGSMAN movie premiering this month, here are a few style tips to help add a touch of british refinement to your personal style. 

1. Consider The Double Breasted Suit

Double breasted suits have become more prominent in the public eye these past few years. Rather than associating them with short lived fads, more men nowadays are seeing the suiting choice as a decorous option. Put on one of these with attention to the appropriate fit, and you're automatically representing a more cultivated menswear movement. Without a doubt, it's an audacious touch but the result presents a sensational and remarkable look.

2. A Plain White Oxford Shirt Is The Most Versatile Kind of Shirt You'll Ever Own

Relaxed in conjunction with a chic luxury, a plain white oxford shirt is a suiting essential that serves as the perfect canvas for style trials. 

3. Oxfords not brogues

This clip will tell you why.

4. Sharpen Up Your Look with a Stylish Optical Frame

While optical eyewear isn't necessary to create a stellar look, they can contribute substantially to the perception of your appearance. Overall, they tend to create a more archetypal look. The Cutler & Gross frames I have on on the photographs above are eye catching and appropriate for days when you're feeling a more heroic and authoritative. 

5. Always Be Inclusive of a Tie

Why? It's simple, it's authoritative and it's always a crowd pleaser. Some of the world's most distinguished tie makers are British so, being able to choose the proper tie for the proper suiting attire is crucial - especially when it comes to British style. It is very important to inspect the quality of a tie to make sure it compliments the suiting choices. First rate solids and stripes on a muted color palette is the KINGSMAN way. 

6. A Wrist Watch is Essential

A refined man relishes in the detailed process of handpicking a proper timepiece that suits him. Wrist watches are great investment pieces for its features and functionality. 

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