Wearing a Three Piece Suit In The Summer

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photographed by, Dennis Christians

Wearing a three piece suit is certainly an advancement in the category of suiting after you feel like you've mastered the fundamentals and it's time to broaden your style. Because of its character, and its ability to be adaptable, a three piece suit styled and worn properly exudes impeccable style, poise and maturity. 

If you're currently shopping around for the perfect summer three piece suit, consider a delicately complex color. The characteristic communicates a more lasting and well defined preference. The Stone Crosshatch Suit I am wearing in the photographs above illustrates a sound model. Well fitted, and light toned to give off the overall essence of the summer season. 

The emphasis of a slightly elaborate pink and white striped shirt, and tie arises from the need to add a touch of personality to the more simplistic suiting. While also modulating the traditionalist idea a three piece suit gives off, it also sets a suitable example of what it looks like to translate your personal style through incorporation of color, print and pattern. 


Stone Crosshatch Wool Suit / Topman . Stripe-Tip Crew Socks / Milano Fit Original Polo Button-Down Oxford Stripe Dress Shirt - Brooks BrothersDouble Monk Cap Toe / Johnston & Murphy. Copper Filolao Grenadine Tie / David Fin

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