A Précis of Igee Okafor's Best Style Advice To Help You Jumpstart 2018

A Précis of Igee Okafor's Best Style Advice To Help You Jumpstart 2018

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Nick Urteaga

For a good amount of people including myself, ringing in the new year comes with the idea of being given a chance to get things in shipshape. In this case, in the department of personal style. Considering the style section of www.igeeokafor.com leads the platform thanks to your interest and engagement, I've compiled a comprehensive list of style advice I have given on various blog posts for the last few years. 

Cheers to jumpstarting 2018 in the most stylish way possible. Be sure to carry these words with you in every style decision you make this new year. 

  • Prioritizing on fit being clean, sharp, and well proportioned, you're guaranteed a snazzy look.
  • Everybody has a personal style formula that works for them including myself and sometimes, in the hopes of trying something different or introducing something new, we alter that formula. If it does not feel right or comfortable, do not do it. It'll show. Keep things light. You never want to come off as if you're trying too hard.
  • It is important to take measures to ensure the suit hugs your body like it should. The shoulders should allow movements in the arm, and the trousers should be slim and firm. This is where you should really discuss with your trusted tailor to help present you with the best possible look. 
  • Fixing on a pair of neat and stylish loafers exudes a worldly-wise knowledge of appropriate style and class.
  • We should prioritize achieving the topmost versatility in all aspects of what we wear.
  • Without question, your shoes should salute the character of the outfit or the venue. 
  • It is of great significance and value to develop an interest in seeking out and supporting new specialized brands and businesses that match up to the ideal standard of general excellence. 
  • Craftsmanship goes a long way. The saying, "You get what you pay for" could not be more true in relation to quality. People invest in homes, cars, and more. Doing the same for items of clothing you believe will last you for a long period of time makes just as much sense. Nothing feels better than feeling like you spent your money on an item that will transcend time which is why making sure Immutability in clothing comes into play.
  • The sneaker is a relaxed shoe option in its own right making it ideal for the weekends, more casual looks and errands. A little bit of color like the blush option presented in the photos above will set you apart from the other gentlemen at your local grocery store. 
  • Detail in color and texture is very crucial to much needed visual stimulation when it comes to my menswear ideals. It introduces excitement as well as the look of a well rounded wardrobe. 
  • Sometimes, we tend to think we know it all especially when it comes to personal style. I mean, it makes sense - it's personal. However, seeking out ideas or recommendations from the tailor or shop keeper can act as a great tool when it comes to stirring your choices in the right direction.
  • A pair of glasses procured without regard to sizing is a pair well wasted. They should never be over sized or too small. They should fit just right on the outside of your cheekbones or close enough to complement your face enough to further accentuate your natural features. 
  • Know yourself. If it doesn't feel like whatever you're trying to achieve has been elevated, continue the search. Don't waste your money settling. 
  • The best personal style accents are the ones that do just enough to make you stand out, but not in an attention seeking way. 
  • Quality, structure and functionality matter. 
  • A good suit is always bound to make you look intelligent, proficient, and mature. Long gone are the days of traditional styling. In today's world, suiting styles require a medium ground between white collar and creative. It is very important that you showcase your individuality. 
  • A refined man relishes in the detailed process of handpicking a proper timepiece that suits him. Wrist watches are great investment pieces for its features and functionality. 
  • Cost Accessibility is a very important factor. Creating a budget for the kind of product you seek out to buy is important because it encourages a boundary and some sort of discipline for your spending means. For different prices, there are different options and by all means, I encourage you to shop the highest quality for what your very reasonable budget will allow. 
  • When it comes to why dressing well matters, I like to refer to the popular quote by Tom Ford that reads, "Dressing well is a form of good manners". The key here is always being aware of the appropriate way to dress for certain occasions whether it's a company dinner, a date, or a polo match. Like my mother would always say, "There is a time and place for everything". Looking presentable shows respect for the people sharing in your experience. 


Slim Fit Tuxedo / Calvin Klein

Thank you for reading!