The Boots You Should Be Checking For This Season

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Xavier Duah

Like regular high top sneakers, I used to think boots were primarily for making it through large puddles of water, and saving your socks from getting ruined when it rained, or snowed - I was half right. If you’re thinking about investing in a pair of boots this Fall, make it Kenneth Cole’s hugh cap toe lace boot. With sizing that features the perfect height, and quite the slim look, they’re a classic option for everyday use.

The fall/winter season the best time to feature boots in your wardrobe. Perfect for making a very fashionable first impression, this particular lace boot in brown is about as stylish as boots come, highlighting interior side zips, and a rubber sole for traction. They’re comfy, easy to put on, and are remarkably adjustable even though I prefer them to be on the more casual spectrum of styling. A good pair belongs in every man’s fall listing.

Due to this incredibly wide fitting design, the boots are best worn resting perfectly underneath a pair of jeans or smart casual chinos. A good quality jacket is bound to really contribute to the detail of the boots, and a casual, well detailed shirt to match is a no brainer. The hugh cap toe lace boot will be utilized quite a bit this season.


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