Checking In: 7 Fall Must Haves

Words by, Helen Bradford

Photography by, Marcus Richardson


The article below is a featured guest post enunciated, and written by lifestyle writer, Helen Bradford. Specially written for Edited and Approved by, Igee Okafor.


With the new season looming in, it’s high time you examined the contents of your wardrobe if you haven’t already. Some things in it have probably done its service and are no good for future use; consider replacing them. To make the whole process a bit more fun, here are the 7 items you need to have this fall for a good, put-together look.

  • Waistcoat

A good waistcoat will not only keep you warm as an added layer, but it will transform your whole look. If you opt for a fun color, a bit different than the earthy tones of the usual fall wardrobe, for example, dark red or plum, it can lift the outfit in an instant. Waistcoats are usually not expensive items, so having one or two can help create completely different looks with the existing wardrobe, while also keeping the budget low.

  • Quilted Jacket

This piece of outerwear will soon become your best friend. It keeps you warm when the days get colder, but at the same time, it’s lightweight and relaxed. If you choose a length that covers your blazer or a jacket, you could wear it on an everyday basis without looking too formal. Besides, you can easily wear it with casual outfits as well, and just grab it when you’re going for lunch with friends or grocery shopping. If the sun is unpredictable and the day gets warm – this lightweight jacket won’t be a hassle to carry, and the same goes for traveling.

  • Your New Favorite Suit

The trends are changing, so are the suits, but the one thing that stays the same is how great a man looks suited up. If your job and lifestyle don’t allow for a more formal version, opt for a laid-back suit, a version with non-traditional fabrics and asymmetric styling, that is meant to feel like a sweatshirt, but still looks like a suit. On the other hand, if you’re a man of tradition, opt for a more late-Victorian look with more buttons and custom details. Whatever your choice s, try getting an appointment with a tailor, because high-quality men’s tailored suits are hard to beat in terms of both how they look and how they feel.

  • Wool Accessories

Nothing makes a man look more put-together than a good choice of accessories. In the fall, and also as an intro to the winter days, opt for a woolen scarf in a soft earthy color, or, if you want to create a softer look in your outfit when you take your jacket off, opt for a woolen tie or a pocket square. The soft material is very suitable for fall outfits, and it will help balance the texture of the whole look.

  • Lightweight Knitted Sweaters

While woolen and cashmere sweaters are just the perfect items to keep you warm and make you look classy yet relaxed, their heavy texture is usually only needed later in the season, when the temperatures get really low. On the other hand, lightweight sweaters are thin and even more flattering. You can use them in a more casual setting, but also wear them in a more formal way with a tie. If this is your choice, make sure to get a V-neck sweater because it won’t cover the tie knot like a crew neck would. When it comes to colors, we suggest you stick to brown, bottle green, orange, oatmeal – tones that go well with fall.

  • Suede Boots

Another item in your wardrobe that is versatile enough to use both in a formal and informal setting: good suede boots. They will also keep you warm throughout fall days, but not too warm, which is definitely a plus – you don’t want to sweat. You can opt for sand color, chestnut brown, or even burgundy. If you want to spice up things a bit, go with bootlaces in a contrasting color from time to time – it can change the look of the boots completely, so it’s like having a new pair for just a few dollars. Classy and non-expansive, who would’ve thought?

  • The Everyday Bag

Honestly: you do need a bag that can fit everything you need instead of just tucking random things in your pockets. You haven’t been a college student for ages (sorry!), so don’t act like one and don’t look like one. An ideal bag is made of leather or good vegan leather; it’s solid and has enough compartments to fit everything. It will last longer and keep your documents, pens, papers, devices and your lunch secured. Sounds good.

While shopping can be a hassle sometimes, if you know what you’re looking for, it can end up being enjoyable, even. So have fun choosing things for an amazing new look!

Thank you for reading!