For Functionality & Style Versatility: The Shearling Bomber Jacket

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Marcus Richardson

It’s not too early to start preparations for the winter season which is just right around the corner. With the lower temperatures comes a need for comfortable, and cozy outerwear that’ll cover the job of keeping you warm, and looking fashion forward at the same time. Lightweight coats for the fall season are great, but for the winter, you’ll need something stronger. That’s where the shearling bomber jacket comes in.

The appearance, and aura of a shearling bomber jacket is unparalleled. Its fleecy finish easily adds a lofty amount of range, warmness, and luxury to any outfit. Take the denim on denim pairing as illustrated above for example.

The Shearling bomber is not a minimalist piece. As a matter of fact, some of the best outerwear pieces you’ll find made out of shearling feature intricate, and well detailed designs: patches, lots of leather, adjustable buckled tabs, zip cuffs, and more. As a fan of minimalism myself, I can firmly say this is a maximalist piece that pays off: for functionality, and style versatility.


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