A Distinguishing Design: The Charcoal Check Flannel Waistcoat

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Nick Urteaga

There was a time where "waistcoat" was a taboo word for me in reference to personal style. Not because of the product itself, but because of the picture it depicted highlighting the high brow corporate acquiescence in the world.

As a more grown up adult who has been lucky enough to be exposed to some of the world's best craftsmanship, I have found that a well made waistcoat can be ranked high up as an extension of one's personal style, depending on construction type, of course - buttons, fabric, and sizing. With a variety of options consisting of single breasted, and double breasted offerings, there's no reason the product should be disregarded intentionally especially nowadays with the introduction of casual tailoring. 

What makes a good waistcoat?

One that accurately compliments your individual style and way of living in both casual, and formal ways in good fit. The regular single breasted waistcoat style features two welt pockets, an adjuster, and a pointed front pocket with five or six buttons. Knowing this information and opting for customizations that slightly differ is highly recommended. For example, waistcoats with lapels. 

A good/well made waistcoat can be paired with anything from suiting separates to plain white shirts. As someone who is continuously in, and out of meetings needing to be assured a well tailored look at all times without having to look like everyone else, the key is settling for something practical with a distinguishing design from a reputable brand. Hence, the Charcoal check Flannel waistcoat.


Cutaway Collar Dress Shirt -  Charcoal Check Flannel Waistcoat - Grenadine Tie - Trousers / Indochino . The Chocolate Poitier Double Monk Strap - Green Socks / Paul Evans . The Manero Flyback / Carl F. Bucherer 

Thank you for reading!