The Camel Coat You Should be Wearing

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Nick Urteaga

When it comes to creating an essential menswear wardrobe, the camel coat is one of those clothing items that'll never go unnoticed. Considering keen regard to detail in its quality of design - color tone, silhouette, and functional features, it's easy to see why the coat trumps the amount of color theories in menswear coats. Whether you're the kind of man who enjoys wearing a suit everyday or the man who feels comfortable dabbling, the camel coat is there to fit right in. 

The camel coat you should be wearing should be made from wool or cashmere. In addition to its cozy, and multifaceted features, both forms are the most polished, and refined materials that unfeignedly illustrate the richness of the camel tones making it adaptable for anything from suiting, to a pair of jeans, and a T Shirt. 

Speaking of fit which is a big contributing factor as it pertains to what makes or breaks your investment, your camel coat should fit your shoulders appropriately. Although wool, and cashmere products are known to be very wearable, and comfortable, they can also be quite easy to mold. You want to making sure the sizing is up to par as a slim/regular fit favorable enough for other items of clothing that'll be placed under the coat. You can wear a great camel coat almost everyday if you like. You're promised stylish presentation, and that's why it is worth investing in. 

As seen above, I have opted for a dressed up styling option with my soft wool, and cashmere blend coat. The navy tones from the double breasted waist coat, tie, and trousers are strategically placed to highlight the darker tones on the camel coat's buttons. If you're feeling spontaneous, a colorful lining is a great way of showcasing it. The brown double monkstraps are a well polished touch of detail - they shine, but in a subtle way. It's a good look if you're attending a formal event, or going through a regular work day, and a great way to really highlight the lap of luxury the coat can exude. 


Soft Wool and Cashmere Blend Camel Coat/ Paul Smith . Double Breasted Waistcoat - Navy Tie / Institchu . Cutaway Collar Dress Shirt - Trousers / Indochino . The Chocolate Poitier Double Monk Strap / Paul Evans . Dean The Butcher Hat / Goorin Bros

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