The Suiting Essentials You're Swapping For Spring

Words by, Igee Okafor

Photography by, Matthew Sperzel

It's that time of the year again to start transitioning out of those heavy winter fabrics, and into lightweight garments comfortable enough to keep you cool during the day, and warm on a cool night: the principles of suiting for early spring. 

Allow me to propose 6 easy ways to assure you an easy, early spring transition: 

Introduce Suiting in Lighter Colors, Bold Patterns and Relaxed Designs

I'm a firm believer in seasonal colors. Darker, and muted during the cold season, lighter and softer as it starts to get warmer. I suggest off whites, cream, whites, light browns, blues, and light grays in floral prints, and window pane patterns, and stripes. The spring presents options we can use as tests to see what we will take into the summer time so why not try bits and pieces? Dress Trousers with drawstring closures are my new fixation. Try them for yourself, and you'll see what I mean. 

Your Wool Suiting Should Be Replaced with Cotton/Linen Options

As you can probably tell from my personal style archive, if there's one thing that gets me excited during the colder season, its wool suiting and while the material is appropriate for the spring days that don't get warm at all, it is a smart decision to allow yourself some linen/cotton options. Although a relaxed, and easily rumpled option as you can tell from its presentation, the materials are still deemed appropriate for work, meetings, travel, and dates. Versatility is what you want, and the smartest practical options lie with the above mentioned.  

A Staple Light Jacket or Overshirt is Essential

What's an early spring transition without THE casual staple? A light jacket with smooth tailoring is known to be the casual outfit upgrade. Make sure it's soft, and light enough to compliment simplistic styling. You know the other essentials, a white shirt, and a pair of jeans. Consider the overshirt as an alternative. Over the past few months, the overshirt has been a hot topic for mens style. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read about it

Switch Out Your Wool Crew Neck Sweater For Cotton, You'll Be Happier

If I could curate a ceremony to honor wool sweaters for their velvety comfort throughout brutal winter days, I would. We love heavy knits because they give us that homely feeling of relaxation, and warmth. The next best alternate for early spring, cotton sweaters. Lightweight enough to keep your cool as you enjoy the breeze. Try it wrapped around the shoulder for a time honored lead.

Oxfords and Monkstraps are great but, sneakers are even more Enjoyable

The colder season was all double monks, oxfords, and boots. As much as those shoes contributed to a confident, sharp, and polished look, it's time to put them on standby. Of course, there are formal events throughout the spring that'll call for them but if you're looking for that spring staple shoe, the one that'll make your feet feel cozy, and at home with exposed ankles, I say enjoy two pairs of versatile sneakers at least. Low top sneakers work well with almost anything from jeans to chinos to tapered trousers. With no show socks of course. Achieve that sockless look without having to hurt your feet.  

A Waistcoat versus the wool cardigan ? The Waistcoat wins. 

Writing from personal experience, no other article of clothing in menswear hugs the body like the waistcoat, double breasted or single. They're the perfect teammate for blazers, and jackets. Easy outfit upgrade. 


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